Sermon, Sept 6, 2020

Are we ready to go back to Church?

 In this week's homily, Bishop Patrick takes a look at how the pandemic has affected our spiritual lives, and how we must continue to pursue our relationship with God. 

Whether we are ready to return to the physical church on Sept 13th or possibly remain online with our Zoom services is something we must all consider. It is not just a matter of opening the doors, much must be done, and volunteers are needed for many jobs. 

Sermon, August 30, 2020

Our Partnership with God

 In this week's homily, Bishop Patrick urges us to move away from the chaos and confusion around politics and the pandemic which plagues our daily life, and move into a deeper narrative for our lives as found in scripture. In today's readings we find the origin of our values and purpose as Christians. We are encouraged to live out our "partnership with God" in a meaningful way.  (Click here)

Sermon, August 23, 2020

Heroic Women in the Story of Moses' Birth


The role of women in the bible is often understated. In this sermon Bishop Patrick White tells us about the heroic women who risked their lives to protect the Israelite women and how many women sacrificed to bring about the life of Moses, and ultimately the birth of the nation of Israel, and eventually the birth of Jesus. Without these women, none of it would have happened.

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