Our Priest

Bishop Patrick White



I was born in Bermuda and came to Canada with my parents when I was ten. My wife Elizabeth is that rare creature, a native Torontonian. And while I count it as a gift to have been born in such a beautiful spot as Bermuda I am happy to have called Canada my home for most of my life. 
After serving for twenty years as a parish priest in the Diocese of Toronto in several parishes we took the opportunity to serve two terms in Bermuda. [The first was for three years (1997-2000) and the second was for nine (2003 -20012). Between stints in Bermuda I served as Associate Rector at St John’s York Mills.] It was during my second term in Bermuda that I was elected Bishop of Bermuda. I served for three and half years and retired as required at the age of seventy. We returned to Canada in August of 2012. Church-wise we settled [once again] in the parish of York Mills. [At present I am an Associate to the Rector at St John’s with light duties.]   
Our return to Toronto for retirement might surprise some folk and so let me say the primary reasons for returning to Toronto are family and the fact that we love it here. Bermuda is beautiful but quite different to live in than to visit. For us Canada is better.
We now live in a condo at Lawrence and Don Mills. Our older daughter Jennifer, her husband Frank and grandsons Luca (11) and Matteo (9) live in Maple. Our younger daughter Rebecca and our granddaughter Dallas (21) and our great grandson Jiraiyah (1) live in the city.
[I was ordained Deacon and Priest at the same time as your previous incumbent now Bishop, Philip Poole and current Archbishop, Colin Johnson. I was a late vocation and so I was almost ten years their senior at the time or ordination.  Both of them attended my ordination as Bishop of Bermuda.] 
My hobbies include photography and singing and playing my guitar. Elizabeth is a hand-bell ringer and is a Royal Conservatory (Toronto) trained soprano.  She will continue to worship at St John’s York Mills where she is active in the music programme there.
I look forward to our time together as you discern your way towards inviting a new incumbent.
 With every blessing,
+Patrick White

Our Music Teacher is Lorne Derraugh.  Between Labour Day Weekend and Victoria Day Weekend, he leads our Choir Practices on Tuesday nights at 7pm (new members always welcome).  Lorne serves as musical director for our Lessons and Carols service at Christmas, and for the winter concerts at St. John's.  

For the first time, in 2019, we hosted a celebrity production of "A Christmas Carol" which was embraced by the community and which we hope will become an annual event. 

Our Wardens (lay executive leadership) are:
Roslyn Dominey (appointed by the priest) - 905.936.2027
Sheila Jaynes (elected by the people) - 905.775.5634

For rental inquiries, or concerns about the building or property, contact Phil Apperly- 905.936.2855

Our Sunday School Coordinator is Lisa Williams.  All our Sunday School teachers and helpers are screened according to the Screening in Faith policy of the Diocese of Toronto, and strive to ensure that our Sunday School is a place where children and their parents can feel welcome and safe.

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