St. John Church & Cemetary

Please note that until further notice upcoming services in the chapel will not be held , but visitation at graveside is permitted. Funerals of no more that 10 people, where social distancing is observed are also permitted. We appreciate your financial support at this unprecedented time of the Covid19 Pandemic.

May 5, 2020


Dear Friends of St. John’s:


In the past year, we have experienced many changes regarding our beloved St. John’s Cemetery. First and foremost, we have sadly lost our Cemetery Coordinator, Trisha Moore, whom so many of you had known for many years. Trisha, and her husband Larry, cared for your cemetery, not only in a loving manner, but cherished the graveyard like it was their own yard. Also, I am sure that if you had communication with Trisha and Larry regarding graves, gravestones, burials, etc., they both made you feel at ease knowing that everything would be taken care of in a professional manner.


Bob and I are now learning the procedures of operating a cemetery. Not only, are we experiencing this learning curve, but now we are having to make a few unwanted changes which have not happened before.


The Coronovirus has affected all of us and this cemetery is one of them. Unfortunately, at this time we will have to postpone our Annual Memorial Service, which was scheduled for June 7, 2020. This annual service was one in which we all gathered together to celebrate the memory of those who are buried at St. John’s. Because of your support and presence at this service, your donations were used to keep the grounds in good condition and do other jobs as needed in the graveyard.


Even though you will not physically be here on June 7th,we are still asking for your support through donations to keep our cemetery looking beautiful and one that you will be able to visit and go for a walk.


You can send a cheque to the following:

St. John’s Anglican Church Cemetery

P.O Box 807

Tottenham, Ontario

L0G 1W0


You can also send an e-transfer which can be done online through your banking facility

Send the e-transfer to:

When asked to set up a security question and answer, please make sure your answer

is “cemetery”. That enables me to retrieve your donation

Also, please note that tax receipts will be sent to you for your tax year of 2020.


If you need to get in touch with us, please feel free to give us a call at 905-936-9601

or email at


Thank you for your support and hopefully we will be able to meet at a later time.




Bob and Margaret Milligan

Information Announcement about

St. John Cemetery

Traditionally, we hold our GOOD FRIDAY service at 10am at the St. John chapel
(snow and parking conditions permitting)

Services of worship are held in the St. John Chapel in the summer months. 
The season begins with the Cemetery Memorial Service
on the First Sunday in June at 3pm.
Summer evening services are held Saturdays at 5pm.
Our 2020 , Summer Season has been cancelled until further notice because of the Pandemic. 

Our winter concerts at St. Johns, combine stories and song to create an afternoon of fun and entertainment.  

For inquiries about weddings, or use of the St John Chapel, please contact the Parish office at 905-936-4089.  or email us.

The St. John cemetery is open, and inquiries about burials can be directed to Marg Milligan at 905-936-9601, or by email.  

Mail for both the Chapel and Cemetery should be directed to the Parish office.  

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